Preszler Law is a full-service personal injury firm with six offices located throughout Ontario. We have a long history of helping motorcycle accident victims and their families cope with complex legal issues in the aftermath of a devastating crash.

We’re here to help injured Ontarians with any of their legal needs after a motorcycle accident, whether it’s answering questions about available avenues of restitution, filing personal injury or wrongful death claims or going head-to-head with a liable party in court.

It’s our utmost goal to help each of our clients recover the benefits, compensation and peace of mind they deserve after a traumatic experience.

Do you really need a lawyer?
While many minor accidents may not require professional legal assistance, any rider with serious injuries will benefit from having a lawyer help them with their claim. If you’re like most people, you likely don’t have an in-depth knowledge of your rights and responsibilities when it comes to motorcycle accident-related torts. You probably aren’t aware of all the damages you can include on your claim. You also might not recognize an insurance company representative’s attempts to get you to accept less than what you’re entitled.

Our firm has 54 years of experience handling motorcycle accident cases. We know personal injury and wrongful death law, inside and out. We can use our skills and resources to your benefit. The insurer takes your case much more seriously when a lawyer represents you. You’re also in a stronger position to fight for the full compensation to which you are entitled.

Services We Offer at Preszler Law
When a motorcyclist or rider is hurt or killed because of another party’s negligence, Preszler Law lawyers can step in and help the victims seek recovery for their damages. We begin by reviewing and investigating your accident. We look at the causes and contributing factors, determine which party is at fault and explain to you all available legal options.

Below are some of the services we typically offer to our personal injury clients.

  • Investigation, research and gathering of evidence
  • Guidelines on what to do and what not to do to protect the integrity of your case
  • Drafting and filing legal papers
  • Speaking with the insurance companies
  • Handling negotiations and mediation
  • Estimating the true value of your claim
  • Providing you with helpful information and tips on maximizing your settlement
  • Representing you in the courtroom, should that become necessary
  • Enlisting the help of field experts such as medical experts and motorcycle accident reconstructionists to substantiate your case
  • Advising you through each step of the legal process

When we take on a case, the case and our client get top priority and we make ourselves readily available to you. You’ll be able to contact us via phone or email when you have a question or want an update on your case.

If you or your loved one was recently involved in a motorcycle accident in Ontario, we encourage you to contact Preszler Law to schedule a free consultation. Call 1-800-JUSTICE® today.